Kaya is a board game suite, containing games such as Chess and Shogi, and built upon a powerful plugin system which makes it easily extensible with new games, themes and behaviour.

Features (Kaya 0.4)

  • Supported games: Chess, Minichess, Shogi, Minishogi, Crazyhouse.
  • Game history sidebar.
  • Customizable interface.
  • FICS support: play, examine and observe games, interact using a text console.
  • Load, edit and save chess and shogi games.
  • XBoard-compatible chess engine support.
  • GNU Shogi engine support.

A Kasparov chess game loaded in Kaya

Latest news

Kaya 0.4 released

Kaya 0.4 has been released!

This is the first pure ruby version, thanks to the addition of QGraphicsEffect classes to Qt 4.6. This version includes many bugfixes, improved observe and examine modes on ICS, a German translation, and overhauled menus.

Kaya 0.3 released

Kaya 0.3 has been released!

This is the first version that can optionally run without KDE. It is now relatively easy to run Kaya on platforms other than Linux. Localization support has been added to this release, as well as the Italian and Czech translations. Refer to the changelog for a more detailed list of changes.

Kaya 0.2 released

Kaya 0.2 has been released!

New features include: two new games (Crazyhouse and Minishogi), undo/redo support and premove.

Kaya 0.1 is out

Kaya 0.1 has been released!

Kaya has now reached a point where it has a consistent, if limited, set of features, which make it quite usable already in many ways, like for playing casually on FICS, or for playing chess or shogi against a computer opponent.

Any feedback will be warmly welcomed, as well as contributions of every sort (new themes or plugins, bug reports, patches…).

The website is up!

Kaya has now a website. Kudos to github for providing gh-pages.